The Responsible Difference with Narragansett Bay Insurance Company.


Finally...a Company for Responsible Homeowners

Welcome to Narragansett Bay, an insurance company for people who share our values of keeping homes safe and maintained to help prevent loss. Coastal or inland, they are people who want more custom options and deductibles, more kinds of discounts, more rapid claims service without more costly premiums--because they have earned it.

We agree. We created our company to do more for responsible homeowners. Like our unique ShelterPride program that includes an in-home appraisal with every new policy. Our representative comes in-person, at no charge, to review your home’s exposure, show you better ways to avoid loss and make sure you are getting every credit you deserve.

Simply said: We never force your home to fit our insurance. Our insurance fits your home. And that’s why more responsible homeowners insure with Narragansett Bay.

Learn more about ShelterPride.

"I received my check promptly. I feel I have been treated royally."

Rockaway Park, NY
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